Antique Vintage Art Deco Sterling Silver Chinese Shou Bead Huge Carved Necklace

Antique And Vintage Coral Jewelry  Set

They drafted a design which was then sent to China to be crafted and sent back. Antique vintage art deco sterling silver chinese shou bead huge carved necklace notable features 13 hand-crafted beads, black silk string that is knotted between each bead to prevent friction from rubbing, gold wash, hand-carved scenes that include an ox, leaf, and vine motif a lotus flower, leaf, vine, and bird motif a leaf, vine, and kanji symbol motif a lotus flower, leaf, and vine motif a sun, leaf and vine motif a leaf and vine motif an ornate dragon wrapping around the entire bead a koi fish motif a rat, leaf, and vine motif.